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Many Schools, colleges and universities are now migrating to client/server networks and increasingly complex and sophisticated information technology (IT) environments. Some are redesigning business processes and course delivery to operate on the Internet. While each of these efforts no doubt possesses its own unique attributes, they all share some common challenges. In the first place, client/server technologies are extremely difficult and costly to implement and maintain.

Their initiation places great strains on the end user trying to adapt and apply these new tools in the classroom, lab, office, or in the canteen and hostel. The ongoing support of information technologies also places a considerable strain on the institution's IT team as the complexity of the environment grows and its points of failure multiply. Ultimately, the move to a new IT architecture, be it curriculum- or market-driven, brings with it demands for a greater investment in the human and financial resources required for its development and maintenance.

We at Campusone have a decade of experience supporting and managing I.T services in the school / College Campus. Our expert team can provide support to all the I.T support required for your Core and Non Core requirement.


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