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Enable teachers to focus on delivery using her teaching skills and style which will be enhanced and supported by technology tools. To Empower Students and teachers to participate, share and learn in a global environment using internet and other technology. Make Teachers self reliant, self aware and master the art of using technology as per the need and not as a replacement.

Our Offering

Alt.Class is an Innovative Alternative smart enabled Classroom, which focusses on delivery rather than technology. We ensure to provide the latest technology which is 100% cost effective which can by done through DIY Concept. Providing support and training to create content, using avaibale exisiting Free open source content and tools for learning and delivery

Alt.Class solutions are smartly designed to encourage and motivate teachers and students to seamlessly use them in their teaching and learning environment.
Vision - Our vision is to provide Alt.Class which defines integrated teaching and learning.
Style Helping teachers in adopting technology in teaching without compromising their personal teaching style.
Motto is to Enable Meaningful Education

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