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Campus Aspire

Campus Aspire - Managed Service (Outsourced Model)

Aspire Service is a 100% managed service providing easier and instant communication to all the stakeholders, be it Circulars, Holiday notice, Website, Gallery, Homework Fees Remainders etc. We operate 24/7 to ensure continues flow of information, also manage and process your content enabling meaningful Education

Our Offering

Communication, data management, analysis and showcase is the key components in any educational institution. Campus One Aspire services bring various components like managing your website, communicate to stakeholders round the clock. Tools like SMS Service, Android Push, Dynamic Website, Secured Login and Biometric are used to keep your stakeholders connected

Sending Circulars, Emergency information by SMS to stakeholders as per Campus instruction, Collecting data of events, news, happenings and updating the same on website,Reducing repetitive workload of Staff by using relevant software like question paper creator, game based software for learning and delivering and more..., Maintain / manage student data, result and attendance information, Empower / Provide Training, Tools and Resources to Staff for effective delivery and Management

Collect Data for Processing

  • Collect Daily Student Attendance
  • Daily Staff Attendance through Biometric
  • Collect Monthly Activities to be published
  • Collect Grade information

    Process / Analyse / Communicate

  • Communicate Fees Details and remainders to Parents through SMS
  • Communicate Circulars, Emergency information, PTA, Holidays and Notice through SMS
  • Publish / Manage News, Events, Activities, Upload Images, Video in the website
  • Update the unit, semester results in the parents login of the website
  • Prepare Customized Result as per Campus & Board Norms
  • Prepare Monthly Students, Staff Attendance Reports

    Call us @ +91902901701 / 2 / 3 or write us to As low as 4/- Rs per Month per students. One time Update capusule, Monthly, quarterly, Half and Yearly services also available.