Campus Bus Track - Managed Service

Campus Aspire

Campus Bus Track - Managed Service

Providing Peace of Mind for Operators, Parents and Drivers

Campus Bus Track Mobile Video Surveillance platform with RFID IN/Out ,Instant SMS and GPS Positioning provide bus is a 360 degree vehicle Intelligent Operations and Information Technology

School bus potential problems

School bus over speeding, not travelling on specified routes, detours, failed to arrive, out of assigned routes, etc. In recent years incidences of school buses overloading and speeding causing numerous accidental to occur and posed a serious threat to the lives and well being of students.

Parents worry

Quality education needs positive interaction between schools and families, the traditional mode of communication is currently difficult to maintain accurate and timely information. It is effective in preventing accidents, eliminating safety hazards, strengthening communication mechanisms between schools and parents, and the establishment of campus vehicles safety management system is imperative.

There is an urgent need for a vehicle safety monitoring

  • Students In / Out of bus with RFID and SMS to Parents
  • Video Recording and live streaming
  • 3.3G/4G Real-time video monitoring school bus during operation
  • Monitoring school bus drivers speeding, fatigue driving and other serious bad driving habits
  • Eliminate school bus overcrowding, overloading and other illegal violations
  • The full recording of various illegal or irregular events that may occur in the bus.

    Our Offering

      Campus Bus Track

    • Online Video Streaming
    • Video Recording
    • Video Storage
    • RFID / Biometric based Student in / out
    • GPS Track
    • Perimeter Watch
    • Alarm
    • Mobile Integration
    • SMS Notification
    • Attendance report