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Campus Aspire - Comparison with other Software Vendors

Enabling Meaningful Education
Campus Aspire is not a software or hardware solution. We understand the pressure and commitment of Teachers focussed on delivering education. Our focus is on managing the non core functions of the campus, collecting, processing and delivery of meaningful data to the stake holders.

We are the only service provider who manage all your communication and simply the non core functions of the campus being part of it 24/7 smoothly.
No Software or hardware to buy and training for teachers .. 100% Managed completly by our team.

Core Modules

aspire core

other service provider

Website Design/Build/Deploy Aspire No
Gallery Aspire pro plus
Knowledge Management Aspire no
Result Preparation  Aspire no
Result Custom Design As Per Campus Aspire no
Homework Aspire no
Daily Attendance Aspire no
Statistics On Student Performance Aspire no
Biometric Attendence Aspire no
Managed / Uploaded N Maintained By Aspire no
No Software Aspire no
No Hardware Aspire no
24/7 Support For Communication Aspire no
24/7 Call Centre Aspire no
Unlimited Space (Web Space) Aspire no
Seo - Ranking, Speed Analysis Aspire no
Campus Magazine Aspire no
Social Network Integration Aspire no
No License Aspire no
I.C.T Training - Online / Offline Aspire no
Open Source Content - Software Aspire no
Student Learning  - Content Aspire no
Question Paper Generator Aspire no
Portal For Teachers Knowledge Management Aspire no
Student Attendance Aspire yes
Timetable Aspire yes
News Management Aspire yes
Student Information Aspire yes
Student/Parent Login Aspire yes
Employee/Teacher Login Aspire yes
Messaging System Aspire yes
Sms Integration Aspire pro module
SMS Credits  Aspire No
Fee Import Aspire pro module
Mobile Version Aspire pro plus
Courses And Batches Aspire yes
Human Resources Aspire yes
Examination Aspire yes
Customisable Dashboards Aspire yes
Student Admission Aspire yes
Custom Student Remarks Aspire pro module
User Management Aspire yes
Institute/Event Calendar Aspire yes
Finance No yes
Alumni Aspire enterprise
Report Center Aspire pro module
Assignment Aspire pro module
Instant Fee Ccavenue pro module
Library Aspire With Barcode pro module
Placement Aspire pro module
Task Aspire pro module
Transport Aspire pro module
Custom Import Aspire pro module
Poll Aspire pro module
Data Management Aspire pro module
Data Export Aspire pro plus
Discussion Aspire pro plus
Google Doc Aspire pro plus
Google Sso Aspire pro plus
Online Exam Aspire pro plus
Payment Gateway Ccavenue pro plus
Email Integration Aspire pro plus
Custom Report Aspire pro plus
Tally Export Option pro plus
Form Builder Aspire enterprise
Doc Manager Aspire enterprise
Blog Aspire enterprise
Reminder Aspire enterprise
Notes Aspire No
Service Based Aspire No
Birthday Wishes Aspire No