Moodle Implimentation

Trust the Experts

Whether you are implementing Moodle or other open source software, we have a dedicated team of experts to ensure your site is up and running fast. With over 10 years of experience in providing open source services and implementing learning management systems for organizations just like yours, we have crafted an efficient implementation process to ensure costs are minimized, and employee or learner engagement is maximized.

Moodle Hosting requires in-depth understanding of the usage pattern of Moodle sites to provide a rewarding e-learning experience to their users.

Modern e-learning needs to effectively facilitate student participation and involvement through a complex set of processes and interactions. Moodle does a commendable job by mapping these processes and interactions to its various features available through in its course-based interface. However, some of these features make high demands on the server hardware, especially the database, even in its vanilla version when large numbers of users access the installation concurrently. If not anticipated, planned and provided for, this high user involvement in activities like quiz with large number of simultaneous attempts can bring the Moodle website to its knees.

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