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Thin Labs 4 U

With technology, change is inevitable -- which is why Educational Campus are trusting CampusOne to keep students up-to-speed on the most current platforms possible.
Often a less expensive alternative to hiring a staff specialist, Campusone allows schools to cut costs, keep kids interested in core academic subjects and encourage teachers and staff to incorporate the use of technology into their daily curriculum.
More and more schools are realizing that it is far more cost effective to outsource computer classes and technology programs to us than to staff it internally.

Our Offering

Alternative Technology - With the advent of thinclients more and more Educational Institutes are replacing traditional PCs with thin clients
Manageability - IT staffs can manage thin clients easier from one centralized location
Cost-Savings & Green Technology - Thin clients costs thousands of rupees less to deploy and drastically reduce energy expenses, using 75%-85% less energy than PCs.
True PC-Like Experience - Thin client and virtualization software, allow students to watch video and access the Internet just like a PC. No Licensing Fee, No Piracy. Best of all Free and open source tools and software comes preloaded with out thin Client solutions
Features - Deliver powerful, More flexible computing resources to Students, Secure & Cost effectively

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