Turnstile Attendance System

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Turnstile Attendance System

Turnstiles are a form of gate which allows only one person to pass at a time. This enables security to efficiently prevent potential trouble or to restrict any prohibited materials to enter into any secured premises.
Campusone offers a unique attendance system turnstile / flap barrier wherein authorized People can use Access Control System with a systematic way, avoid unwanted person entry in campus/school.

Our Offering

  • Tripod Turnstile at gate
  • RFID Card for students attendance
  • Integrated attendance System


  • Accurate and Timely Students attendance
  • Daily Absentee Report to administrator/Management
  • Students Security
  • Absentee SMS to Parent
  • Space efficient security barriers with a compact design having overall size 480 mm x 280 mm x 980 mm.
  • Bi-directional passage control
  • Inbuilt anti trailing design – when the tri arm rotates 60°, it locks automatically & avoids it rotating back
  • Durability with minimal maintenance means years and millions of trouble free passages
  • Turnstiles are used in applications including stadiums and arenas, perimeter and interior security, recreation and amusement parks, retail crowd control, transit fare collection and lobby
  • Turnstiles are often used for monitoring and counting the numbers of people passing through a gate
  • Sleek magnificent Pillar & Bridge type tripod turnstile design used to control the pedestrian flow smoothly
  • Easy installation & easy to incorporate with existing systems
  • Steady & noiseless operation
  • It’s unique dropping arm feature provides a fail-safe safety solution in case of an emergency or power failure.
  • Hosing available in stainless steel 304, 316 or galvanized powder coated
  • Comes with shock absorber feature with heavy 1.2 mm housing thickness.
  • Bi-directional passage control Tripod turnstile gates are available in automatic and manual versions.

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