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About us

CampusOne services are focused on continuous development & Research of new technology advancement relevant to educational institutions, keeping in mind the operational issues of imbibing technology without disturbing current work style of the Institute.We at CampusOne work closely with key areas of effective communication with parents and other stakeholders on student's growth, performance results, Staff content, Campus administration and other vital information with ease using smarter & tested technologies.

  • We Mange all your Technology Needs
  • More than 10 Million Communication served
  • 24 / 7 X 365 days we work

India's Only Education Managed Service for your core and Non Core Functions

Our Focus

About Campusone

Managed Service

The managed services we provide can be tailored to meet the individual needs of our education sector clients. From taking on the management of a school or college's core or non core functions - Be it Communication (Communication with stakeholders), Collabortion (to showcase,learn and project) or Cocreation(to Create, Enhance and imbibe) we can make a difference!

Schools and colleges all hold sensitive data which needs to be fully secured at all times whilst being accessible to designated personnel. We ensure 100% security and deep analysis on data for meaningful results, We make it simple and clean for Data Mining

  • Campus Management System

    Aspire Campus Management

    Aspire Service is a 100% managed service providing easier and instant communication to all the stakeholders, be it Circulars, Holiday notice, Website, Gallery, Homework Fees Remainders etc.

  • Daily Attendance

    Daily Attendance

    Campus Attendance Management system to has become a matter of critical importance that our children stay safe when fulfilling their right to education. Daily SMS to parents, weekly & monthly attendance reports for teachers, MIS attendance reports, etc

  • web Site Management

    Website Management

    Let us make your website changes you need as often as you like. We coordinate with your team to ensure your website remains current and functional with ease.

  • Campus Computer Lab

    Thin Computer Labs

    Computer Lab - Thin Labs in school allows schools to cut costs, keep kids interested in core academic subjects and encourage teachers and staff to incorporate the use of technology into their daily curriculum.

  • Time Table Preparation

    Time Table Preparation

    school timetable is a table for coordinating these four elements: Students,Teachers,Rooms,Time slots (also called periods). We Create your Timetable

  • Campus Bus Track

    Bus Tracking

    Campus Bus Track Mobile Video Surveillance platform with RFID IN/Out ,Instant SMS and GPS Positioning provide bus is a 360 degree vehicle Intelligent Operations and Information Technology

Today's Education Community are striving to create the next generation of learning experiences for their students. Stakeholders enrich the lives of future generations yet daily you are juggling a climate of cost cutting and compliance, all whilst defining long-term growth plans to prepare for sustained excellence. CampusOne understands and enable the need for technology to run smoothly in the various functions of a campus. CampusOne is the First and Only Education Managed service Provider who delivers your technology needs for all your Core and Non Core functions..

Focus Area

  • Manage Your Communication
  • Prepare Results
  • Prepare Time Table
  • Send Daily Attendance
  • Notification to Parents
  • Update Your Website
  • Train Your Teachers
  • Analysis of student Performance
  • Automated Birthday Wishes
  • Maintain Your Computer Lab
  • Bus Tracking with Video Streaming
  • Affordable Smart Board
  • Support for Everyone
  • Impliment Online Fees
  • Brand Building fo your Campus

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