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Campus English Lab

Digital Language Lab

Campus English Lab

Why Digital Language Lab? :

Ensures better attention from students since they are engaged with individual systems and irrespective of their seating pattern receive uniform attention, immaterial of the class size. Also enables individual monitoring without disrupting the ambience of the class.

What is Digital Language Lab ?

Language lab is a multimedia installation used to learn languages through Information and Communication Technology. The quintessential element in a strong career growth is, excellent communication skills and our language lab ehances this important skill. It helps students to achieve more practice and enable active participation in language learning, which is next to impossible in a conventional classroom ambience.

Features of Language Lab

  • Multi lingual facility
  • Lessons planning and Sharing to all, individual and groups of students
  • Lesson viewer for teacher and Students
  • Support all types of audio, video, text, images and html files
  • Virtual teacher assistants for all modules
  • Students can access lessons during teacher's absence
  • Lesson pre assigning facility
  • Grouping and pairing facility
  • Study materials based on international learning system
  • Custom lesson creation and assigning facility
  • Study materials created using British accent
  • Exercises for students in each modules
  • Questionnaire evaluation by software in each modules
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Situational conversation practice for students
  • Listening practice for students
  • Writing Practice
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading practice
  • Speaking Practice
  • Dictionary with pronunciation
  • Digital Language Lab

    Digital Language Lab

    Software & Hardware

  • Windows Server
  • 10 Thin Clients
  • Learning Lab Software with English Study Material
  • Head Phone
  • Mike
  • Centrally Managed
  • Training : Training to Staff will be given on Installation of System

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    Digital Language Lab


    Digital Teacher English Language Lab not only enhances vocabulary but also focuses on the finer shades of language. English Language Lab focuses on many areas such as pace of speech, MTI, vocabulary, grammar, phonetics, intonation, pronunciation which will make you an expert and build your confidence