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Companies that engage in KPO look to obtain highly educated and skilled individuals without having the cost of training and developing those workers. Through KPO, a company can quickly add experts in specific fields to boost competitiveness and increase earnings

We're the right choice for any stakeholder of education institution looking to host / Explore various educational Managed Services.

KPO BPO Services

kpo bpo Services

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 Digital Marketing Services

 Learning & Development Services


 Student Application Form Data Entry

 Just in Time Service

 Content Update

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

 STEM Implementation

 Mobile Application

 Alumni Database Management

 Computer Lab Setup

 Moodle  / Atutor 

 Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

 STEM Curriculum

 Feedback System

 Data Entry

 Online Examination

 Google Classroom

 Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services

 Code Club

 Email management

 Grades Typing


 G suite Integration

 Display Advertising (Banner Ads) Services

 IOT Lab

 Online Admission

 Enrolment Management

 Campus Drive

 Photo Editing

 Email Marketing Services

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 Result Preparation

 Student Information System Management

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 Cloud Computing Training


 Time Table


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 Technology Training

 One Window Access

 Attendance Marking

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 Word press

 Web Analytics & Reporting Services

 Science Lab

 SMS Notification 24/7

 24 /7 communication managed by Us

 E Class

 Open Source

 Social Media Update

 Question Paper Management

 Administrative Support

System Maintainence

 Interactive Board

 Content Creation

DIgital Branding Annual Report

 Course Registration and Enrolment Assistance

 Video Editing

 BUS GPS, GPRS and Video Streaming

 Media Management

 Article Publishing

 Science Exhibition

 Student Lead Generation

 Course Creation

 Time Table

 Online Exam

 Blog Writing

 Campus Journalist

 Media Coverage

 Storage and Backup

 Biometric / RFID Attendance



 News Room

Education KPO BPO Features

The staff at your education organization needs to attend to mission-critical objectives, such as organizing high-quality delivery,performance etc. Outsourcing certain business processes to campusone BPO will provide them with the bandwidth to pursue these objectives in a focused manner
There could be certain times of the year when your education organization witnesses peak activity - such as at the time of enrolment for a new session, Semester Exams and Annual Function etc. At these times when the demand for call center representatives or data processing work increases,We at campusone to ensure that our resource capability and 24x7 operations permit this change in a seamless manner.
After gaining an in-depth understanding of your business challenge, each of our services is tailored to your specific requirement. The Service Level Agreement (SLA), developed in consultation with your team, takes these specifications into account. We partner you at every step of your growth and ensure that you are getting results that are aligned with your business objectives.
You can trust us to deliver accurate and fast results in the project. We give high priority to quality management in all outsourced processes, related to data processing, customer service or call center, Analysis and to manage your knowledge and data. The Quality Assurance (QA) team validates all output on an ongoing basis to further improve the quality of the work.
Collect, Process, store, Deliver & Analysis is our goal, we continue to follow best practices to ensure accuracy of inputted information. This will enhance overall satisfaction with your organization and all stake holders.
Campusone employs best-in-class technology to facilitate seamless delivery of outsourced processes. Robust IT infrastructure at our delivery centers will ensure processes are up and running at all times. Open or closed source we ensure you get the best output. Be it Wordpress, or Thin Client, Video Conferencing or LMS we deliver the result required by the team.
we have stringent data security measures in place to protect all your confidential information. Candidate information and their financial data will be safeguarded. We have state of art Dedicated servers in world class server farm running both in Windows and Linux.
campusone has more than 15 years of experience of working with Education Sector, and we understand that clients want to be updated about the progress of their deliverables. We provide dashboards for your team to have a bird's eye view of the outsourced task. Our communication channels are always open for you to provide feedback or inform us of any change in the requirement. All Stakeholders reports are generated Dynamically for Mgmt View.


 Managed Education KPO BPO Services with EPIC 24/7 Support

 Beyond Technology Smarter Campus

 Whatever the process, we ensure that we follow global best practices in their implementation to ensure the best possible outcome for your learning and development-based organization. By employing proven metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), all outsourced processes are fine-tuned to deliver the right results