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Transforming your computer lab
to a STEM-Based Computer Lab

STEM-Based Computer Lab

Is your child curious about puzzles, the Internet, computers, and smartphones, websites and apps? They're never too young to start exploring computing technology.

The most critical skills that students will be expected to master involve collaboration, presentation, and knowing how to break a task down into its essential steps.

By approaching computer science as a flexible tool that is vital in many disciplines, students will appreciate how learning to program can benefit them in whatever career path they chose. Teachers in all content areas can also see the value in integrating computer science principles in their practice.

The Problem in the current computer class syllabus is the school curriculum generally students learn how to type, create ppt or do word processing. These Skills are required but it is not matching with the skills required in a 21st-century learning environment.

Every school in our country should transform the computer lab to a STEM-based Club, wherein students can learn, explore, create solutions and understand the subjects they learn in a better way.

Animation, Game Development and Storytelling with problem-solving methodology will intrigue students imagination along with Logic development and communication.

he concept of the gamification of education is simply stated as the teaching of a subject's content via the usage of video games and is still a fairly fresh and underdeveloped area.

Various software and blocks which can be used which can be integrated with your school syllabus

There is only so much that a textbook can tell you, and teachers can help you along so far, but with the help of a little bit of STEM coding, your children can explore various subject matters creatively. Mathematics can be represented with formulas and variables. Certain robots excel in simulating science and physics. Even history can be told as if it was alive with a little bit of coding.

Environmental Studies

Coding the Rainbow Predictor project using a Sense HAT, kids can predict based on weather patterns when is the best chance to see a rainbow! With the right conditions programmed, a LED rainbow will be displayed. How cool!


Coders using Scratch, Python or Scratch Jnr, demonstrated how it's possible that a person on the Moon is able to jump 6 times higher than a person would on Earth, understanding the way gravity has an effect on how we move (And how astronauts move!)


This might be an easy one but in Scratch after making a simple square, you can create triangles, pentagons, and hexagons. After coding your square, create another script for each shape, the code in the steps and degrees to make the shape and change the start button to T for a triangle, P for pentagon or H for hexagon as the key to start the code.


Sonic Pi is our go-to music coding program. Learn to code by composing different kinds of music and genres, including classical and electric, creating your own unique sound by writing code instead of playing keys!

Rethinking computer labs isn't without controversy. Having a lab is very important for some schools/management/parents because they feel the labs attract students to the school. Moreover having the latest configuration becomes a style statement. Having the right tools and curriculum which makes the students/staff and parents part of the learning outcome matching to 21st-century aspiration is more important.

Integrating STEM-based Coding Lab benefits students by

  • 1.Life Skills
  • 2. Learning to code teaches about learning and teaching.
  • 3.Problem-solving skills
  • 4.Relating theory to the real world.
  • 5.Expansion of creativity

STEM in Computer Lab

STEM in Computer Lab